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quebec province image Bedbugs are pests that can concern people in Sherbrooke. Residents who travel might worry about bringing these pests home from trips. Business owners must stay alert in case these pests are brought into their facility. Adult bedbugs are fairly small – 4 or 5 mm long. They have flat bodies and they resemble seeds. Immature bedbugs are almost transparent, but as they mature, they become reddish in color. Bedbugs are active at night and they hide during the day. They feed on blood from a human host. Bedbugs normally feed on people while they are sleeping. After feeding they hide in cracks and crevices near the bed. Because of their nocturnal habits and their small size, bedbugs are very easily transported from place to place. Unsuspecting people transport bedbugs in luggage, backpacks, sports bags, and even laundry. Bedbugs can become pests in dormitories, apartments, day cares, nursing homes, and hospitals. Once these pests have invaded a building, they are often able to move from one room to another by crawling through the walls.

The more than 160,000 residents of Sherbrooke face various pest problems due to the city’s location near rivers, lakes, and mountains, coupled with a large tourist industry and the presence of a large university that each generate plenty of human activity. Sitting at the convergence of two major rivers, the city experiences a climate featuring cold winters and hot summers with high humidity. Mosquitoes thrive in the wet, humid climate and tend to swarm in the hot summer months, leading to the possibility of contracting dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus.

Winters in Sherbrooke tend to be light on snowfall but below freezing in temperature. Driven by the cold, pests such as rats, mice, and cockroaches move indoors to seek out new food sources and shelter from the frigid weather. Once inside, the pests can spread diseases, damage electrical systems, and cause mental stress by their mere presence.

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