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Nestled in the Laurentian Mountains near Montreal, Mont-Tremblant is a popular destination for families and individuals who love participating in outdoor activities. The city sees plenty of tourism in the summer and winter, both common times for pests to invade indoors. 

The forested areas surrounding the mountains provide ideal conditions for pests to live and  prosper — making it easy for them to cause problems for commercial and residential properties. In Mont-Tremblant, your local Orkin Pros are not only familiar with all the local pests but are also capable of removing them. Services involve locating the issue at the source and devising a customized plan that includes treatments and preventative measures.

Our team is here to help with services offered in Mont-Tremblant and the surrounding areas of Brébeuf, Arundel, Domaine-Roger, and Lac-Supérieur.

Pest Control Services in Mont-Tremblant

If you hire an exterminator in Mont-Tremblant, you rightly expect them to be equipped to handle your problem, explain their process, and produce effective results. Each member of our team has accomplished high-level training backed by industry-leading knowledge. Your local Orkin Pro has an extensive understanding of the area’s most prominent pests, and you can trust our expertise and skills to manage your residential or commercial pest problem easily.

Perhaps you require home or cottage pest control, depending on how you use your property. Our customizable programs provide services aimed at specific pests, seasonally or year-round as needed, and are especially helpful for those who may rent or use their home intermittently.

As a business owner, you do everything possible to maintain a clean, functional space that bolsters your reputation. Pests can easily threaten everything you have worked for and potentially cause damage to your facility. We are proud to offer free estimates if you require commercial services. In addition, you can entrust the management and control of any pests by knowing that at Orkin Canada, we rely on using Integrated Pest Management in all of our programs. You can expect ongoing support from our team, including prevention and monitoring, along with all other services you would expect from a professional exterminator in Mont-Tremblant.


Common Pests in Mont-Tremblant

Pests are opportunistic. They constantly search for water, food and shelter, often encroaching on residential homes and commercial buildings. Rodents are primarily known for this, living in wooded areas while searching for ideal spaces to grow to numbers too high to handle without professional help. Wildlife, like raccoons, seek food sources and stop at almost nothing to get to them, and can cause serious damage in the process.

Insects easily lie hidden in mountainous areas but can emerge in droves with the right conditions. Ants can slip through cracks to find food supplies, and certain species, like carpenter ants, destroy wood, including in the walls of homes or businesses. A space that remains undisturbed, like a basement or under furniture, is ideal for spiders who like darkness, quiet, and the presence of other insects. You might find many of these insects after not visiting your cottage for a season. If aggressive insects, like wasps and hornets, are left unimpeded, they can grow their nests which pose a serious physical threat.

Although they cannot survive outdoors for long, bed bugs can quickly ruin experiences for those visiting the Mont-Tremblant. The hospitality industry is especially susceptible to bed bug infestations, making rental cottages, lodges or hotels with frequent guests vulnerable to these pests. They can be transported on various surfaces, dispersing under the right conditions. From there, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices while reproducing exponentially. Often, the skills of an exterminator in Mont-Tremblant are needed to employ the correct targeted applications to eliminate bed bugs. 

Whether you are a residential property owner who uses or rents their home frequently or a business owner with a building and reputation to maintain, Orkin Canada has the pest control solutions you need in Mont-Tremblant. Our team of local Orkin Pros is highly-trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated to effectively managing your pest problem. 

If you have any pest related concerns and need a professional contact Orkin Canada today!

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