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quebec province image Ants can be nuisances in homes and businesses in Laval. Some species of ants can even be destructive. Pavement ants live outdoors under stones and next to buildings. They often enter buildings through cracks and small openings. Indoors, pavement ants often nest inside of walls. They often follow pipes to move between floors of the building. Pharaoh ants are very tiny. Each ant is about 1.5 or 2 mm long. In buildings they make nests near water sources in warm, humid areas. An entire colony can live in the crack under a baseboard. Colonies of pharaoh ants have several queens and hundreds of workers. When pharaoh ants sense danger, the queens run away — each queen accompanied by a group of workers. When the queens find suitable nesting sites, each queen begins a new colony. In this way, pharaoh ants can spread throughout a large building in a short time. Pharaoh ants can be very difficult to eradicate. Carpenter ants are very large. They range in size between 3.5 and 13 mm. They live outdoors in trees and forage into homes for food and water. When carpenter ants find food in a home, they often make a nest nearby. These nests are usually in a hidden area – in the eaves, siding, or attic of the home. Carpenter ant workers excavate galleries in lumber so the colony can nest inside. The ants can often cause serious damage to a home by the time the homeowners discover that the ants are present.

One of the largest cities in Quebec, Laval provides comfortable accommodations for travellers and pest invaders alike. The densely populated city provides pests such as bed bugs with easy access to food and shelter within homes and hotel lodgings. Attaching themselves to luggage, clothes, and shoes, the blood-sucking insects live in the bedroom, where they feed on the blood of sleeping humans and pets, and multiply quickly if left alone. Laval residents also sometimes encounter the hairy-tailed mole, which can ruin the aesthetics of a yard by digging holes.

The climate of Laval is conducive to the growth and reproduction of various types of pests during the warmer parts of the year, while the city’s freezing winter temperatures tend to reduce the level of local pest activity and drive the nuisances indoors. White-footed mice, for instance, commonly overwinter in the warmth of Laval houses. Though small and seemingly innocuous, the rodent pests are known for carrying hantaviruses and ticks infected with Lyme disease. Like rodents, cockroaches also sneak into homes in search of food. Native spiders like Hackled Mesh Weavers and other pests such as house centipedes frequently gain entry into area homes, as well.

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