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quebec province image Several types of pests invade homes and commercial establishments in Gatineau. Some of the pests are crawling insects and some are flying insects. Some of them enter by themselves and some of them are transported in by people. Cockroaches commonly invade food facilities, restaurants, and grocery stores. The large American roach and the small German roach are easily transported into businesses in shipping boxes. Several species of ants live in Gatineau. Odorous house ants and little black ants are nuisance pests. They often invade homes for food and shelter. When large carpenter ants invade homes, they often damage structural lumber with their nesting. Tiny pharaoh ants invade large buildings and then split into several colonies, making these ants very difficult to control. Stored food pests can invade kitchens in restaurants as well as homes. Flour beetles and rice weevils can arrive inside of packages of food products. Angoumois grain moths can fly in and deposit their eggs on or near food packages on pantry shelves. There are also insects that damage paper and fabrics in Gatineau homes and businesses. Silverfish crawl into b]uildings and make nests in boxes of stored items. The silverfish often feed on the boxes as well as the contents. Carpet beetles fly into homes and deposit their eggs. When the eggs hatch, the immature beetles feed on woolens, furs, and other natural fibers. They also feed on dried flowers and food products that are made from wheat.

Some of the most notable Gatineau pests include mice and rats, which commonly enter homes when the weather turns from warm to cold. Carrying diseases like the Hantavirus, rodents present serious health problems when they infest houses and other occupied buildings. They also maintain the constant need to chew in order to keep their teeth at manageable levels, and thus will continuously gnaw on furniture, housewares, and structural supports.

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