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ontario province image People who live and work in Windsor manage pest problems with a system called Integrated Pest Management. This system, also known as IPM, combines a variety of tools and techniques to make pest infestations less likely and minimize the amount of pesticide that must be applied in Windsor. Homeowners can eliminate pest hiding places around the home. Firewood can be moved away from the home and stacked on a rack. This will discourage insects and spiders from nesting under the woodpile. In flowerbeds, mulch can be raked at least 12” away from the foundation of the home. This will make it less likely that pests like millipedes, sowbugs, or earwigs will move from the mulch and invade the home. The 12” space also helps discourage cockroaches and ants from invading the home. Homeowners can trim tree limbs and shrubs so that they do not touch the house. This helps prevent insects and rodents from using the branches to get onto the house. Homeowners can also discourage pests by closing entryways. Broken or missing weather stripping should be replaced. Screens on windows and vents should be repaired or replaced. Reducing exterior lights or changing bulbs to yellow “bug lights” will also make the home less attractive to insects and spiders.