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The town of Whitby strikes the perfect balance between convenient living and natural tranquillity. Its unique landscape winds along Lake Ontario and intertwines with rural areas as well. From the Whitby Harbour to the waterfront trail to Intrepid Park that borders Oshawa – it’s home to an assortment of green space which gives the area a cottage-like feel. It’s also in close range to Toronto, giving residents quick access to the big city. With such a diverse mixture of natural landscapes and developed communities, Whitby is no stranger to pests. 

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Do you have mice invading your home? Or need pest control services for your business? Get in touch with us and we’ll send out someone right away. We understand the frustration and panic that pests can generate. Aside from the discomfort, pests can also create an unhygienic and unsafe environment for everyone involved. Don’t let your pest problem ruin your business’ reputation or damage your home. Our technicians are fully licensed, follow strict safety regulations, and use only the most effective techniques when engaging in pest removal. When you’re faced with a pest infestation, get the experienced and professional team you can depend on to help solve your pest problem for good.

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The lake, rivers and parks, combined with the warm, balmy summers in Whitby make this region very attractive to a variety of pests. These most common include mice, rats, bed bugs, and cockroaches. Wildlife such as raccoons, birds, squirrels and skunks can also be found rummaging throughout the area. 

No matter the pest, damage can quickly take place if the issue isn’t dealt with right away. When you have an active situation on your hands, give Orkin Canada a call. We’re happy to help!

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Orkin Canada has technicians in every province, in cities large and small. There’s no pest problem we can’t travel to. If you don’t see a location listed near you give us a call at 1-800-800-6754 to reach your local branch.

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