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ontario province image Homeowners in Kitchener can experience several types of pests during the course of a year. In springtime, Kitchener homeowners often see carpenter ants. These large ants forage at night and in shady areas. They enter homes to find food or water. In many cases the ants make a nest inside the home near the new food source. Carpenter ants do not actually eat wood but cause structural damage when they tunnel into windowsills, doorways, railings, and decks to build their nests.

In the summer time, homeowners may find mosquitoes as well as wasps and other stinging pests in the yard. Mosquitoes are known carriers of various harmful diseases, while wasp stings can cause moderate to severe allergic reactions. The family pet may bring fleas indoors where they can multiply rapidly. Homeowners may also discover pests in the garage or store room. Silverfish and earwigs often invade the boxes of stored items. Spiders may also move into the store room to eat the insects that have invaded. In late summer, homeowners might find cluster flies gathering on the exterior of the home. These pests try to get into the home before winter comes. Cluster flies become nuisances when they get into the living space of the home. They cluster around windows and they leave a stain if they are smashed.

Cool weather also brings mice and rats to the home. These furry pests can enter through very small openings. Once inside, they can travel throughout the home – usually in areas where people are not active. Rats and mice can contaminate food stores, cause structural damage to buildings, and spread a number of unpleasant illnesses.