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ontario province image Sudbury homeowners may encounter a number of insects that develop in lakes and ponds. Some of these insects, like damselflies, are beneficial. They live near the lake where they develop and do not normally become nuisances. There are other aquatic insects that can become nuisances when they gather in or around homes and other structures. Caddisflies are insects that develop in the water. The immature caddisflies are aquatic. They eat small animals and things that they find in the water. Many immature caddisflies make webs or nets to catch their food. When they become adults, caddisflies leave the water to find mates. Adult caddisflies of many species are active at dusk or dawn. Adults of some species are attracted to light at night. They gather around brightly lighted homes or businesses in large numbers. Caddisflies can be very disturbing to homeowners who find them gathered on the porch. Business owners sometimes find that large numbers of these flying insects cause serious problems when they gather around the doors of the business. Greater Sudbury

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