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ontario province image Homeowners in Burlington can find many different types of pests around their homes. Many homeowners find that it is surprisingly easy to bring insect pests into the home accidentally. German cockroaches are very small – about 15 mm long – and they like to hide in cracks and crevices. Unsuspecting homeowners have found these pests in bags and boxes that they bring home from the store. Homeowners have even found these roaches inside of items that were purchased at yard sales and resale shops. Bed bugs are also easy to transport. Travelers often find bed bugs in their luggage when they return home from a trip. These pests can also be transported in backpacks, sports bags, and even in loads of laundry. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that they have brought ants into their homes. Since many ants make their nests in the soil, they can easily be transported in the soil of potted plants. Homeowners have also transported ants in shipments of household items that were shipped by moving companies. map of Burlington

Customer Testimonials

I am sending you this email to acknowledge the great service I had today from your technician. He was punctual, and even managed to get here while driving in our “torrential downpour”. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and respectful. My concern was that I have seen the occasional carpenter ants in my basement. I have lived here for 5 years and have noticed them and thought I should look into it to see what I could do to prevent, control and/or rid the house of the problem. I didn’t know where the source was so wasn’t sure where/how to begin treating it.

He looked in the basement, the ceiling and surrounding areas and went outside to inspect as well. He found the source of the ants to be from holes in a large pine tree I have in the front of my house. He assured me that the wooden beams in the house were strong and were not affected by the ants. He advised me on treatment alternatives and also gave me suggestions since I may also have a mouse in my attic.

Again, I sincerely appreciate his expertise and advice and will promote Orkin to family/friends/colleagues if need be, and may use your service in the future if I am unable to resolve the matter myself.

Thank-you again.