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Residents must cope with a variety of pests in Halifax. Some, like carpenter ants, can actually damage a home. Other pests, like fire ants, can cause injury with their sting. The summer brings stinging insects, like wasps, while others, like mice, seem to move indoors when the weather turns cold. Some pests, like sowbugs and earwigs, seem to arrive after it rains. Area residents should also be wary of fleas and ticks toward the end of summer, as these pests can spread a number of debilitating diseases.

Once the notoriously cold Canadian winters set in, many pest species invade homes seeking shelter and food. Some of the most vigilant winter pests are rats. Norway rats enter homes through the smallest of openings and can cause a multitude of damages by weakening the structural integrity of buildings and contaminating food stores. Rats are also known to carry various diseases and can reproduce with alarming frequency.

There are some pests that people transport accidentally in baggage and boxes. Some of these, like cockroaches can pose real challenges for business owners as well as homeowners. Pests like bedbugs can pose a threat to tourism if they turn up in hotels. Bed bugs are a major issue in Halifax and have even been spotted on city buses. The elusive pests hide during the day and come out at night to feed on the blood of sleeping humans and pets. Bed bugs are easy to spread, difficult to eradicate, and their bites can cause itchy red welts to form on the skin.

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