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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, frequently deals with infestations of mosquitos, spiders, wasps, and houseflies. Humid springs and summers bring mosquitoes to the area in abundance. Since they leave behind painfully itchy bites and can transmit diseases like West Nile virus, city residents are encouraged to practice safety measures during times of peak activity. Wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants is one way to avoid bites. Spiders, wasps, and houseflies are most active during the summer months, as well. Spiders and wasps also bite on occasion, while houseflies are known to contaminate foods and spread germs.

Blacklegged ticks are found in Cape Breton in abundance. Much like mosquitoes, they feed on human blood and can pass on debilitating diseases while doing so. Since ticks hang out in forested areas and fields with tall grass, city residents should check themselves for the pests after hiking or spending extended periods of time outdoors. Finally, bats live in the area, roosting in house attics and unnerving many home residents. The presence of their excrement leads to the spread of histoplasmosis and they are notorious for transmitting rabies.

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