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Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, is a popular tourist destination because of its unique position on the Atlantic Ocean. However, the sometimes unbearably cold winters deter travelers from the city and drive nuisance pests into warm, heated homes. Rodents are especially adept at gaining entry to homes to escape the cold. Bridgewater residents commonly deal with Norway and roof rats, as well as house and deer mice. Both rats and mice can damage the structural integrity of homes and transmit diseases, like hantavirus, to humans.

The people of Bridgewater also encounter many arachnid and insect pests. In addition to spiders and cockroaches, residents must deal with earwigs and chinch bugs, both of which contribute to garden and lawn destruction. The town must also keep watch for wood-boring pests, like brown spruce longhorn beetles, which target healthy spruce trees. The blackheaded budworm is another threat to Bridgewater foliage, though these insects prefer conifers. Both of these pests negatively affect the growth of vegetation and can bring about the death of trees.

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