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Nicknamed “The Garden City,” Victoria, BC, is known for its lush foliage. Its citizens are plagued by a number of pests that enjoy access to the diverse plant life of the city. Since 1994, City Parks employees have released approximately 150,000 ladybugs during the summer months to combat harmful pest species like aphids, beetle larvae, and spider mites. Additionally, Victoria city officials must combat the presence of invasive pests like winter moths, Asian long-horned beetles, apple maggots, cereal leaf beetles, emerald ash borers, European brown garden snails, gypsy moths, Japanese beetles, oriental fruit moths, and swede midges.

Spotted wing drosophila, brown marmorated stink bugs, and a number of tick species call the city home and can disrupt the everyday lives of residents. Spotted wing drosophila, more commonly known as fruit flies, and brown marmorated stink bugs can infiltrate homes, serving as nuisance pests, and often damage crops. Ticks hide in tall grass and other kinds of vegetation and latch onto human and animal hosts, which can lead to the spread of harmful infections like Lyme disease.

Having one of the mildest climates in Canada, Victoria can have year round pest control problems. The summers are warm and dry and the winters are mild making ideal conditions for many different pests. Lately long dry summers in Victoria have made perfect conditions for wasps. It also means that more mice and rats will have breeder and will be looking for warm indoor areas to move into once the colder weather arrives. European Fire Ants have also recently been found in Victoria. These ants are capable of very painful bites that can sometimes cause allergic reactions. Homeowners should be aware of all these potential pest problems.

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Tips for Mice Prevention in Victoria

To keep mice and rats away try to eliminate any and all sources of food and water they will be seeking. Make sure to store food, water and garbage in container with tight fitting lids so rodents cannot access them. Sealing any holes around doors, windows and roofs will help keep rodents out. If you have bird feeders clean up and spilt seeds near them to deny a potential food source. Removing any hiding places will also help. These can include moving any stacked firewood away from the house and thinning any dense vegetation from around the foundation.

Ant Prevention Tips for Victoria

Helpful tips to help prevent ants include; repairing any moisture damaged wood, cleaning gutters so they don’t clog and moving firewood off the ground and away from the house. You can also cut tree branches back so that they don’t touch the house anywhere.

Bed Bugs in Victoria

Over the last few years both home owners and businesses have had to come to grips with bed bugs in Victoria. There resurgence means it is a very pressing pest control issue. Years ago the cleanliness of a home or business was thought to be a reason for bed bugs but now even the cleanest and best kept locations can experience bed bug problems. Bed Bugs are extremely good travellers and can arrive on someone’s clothes, in their luggage or even shipping boxes and supplies. One bed bug can quickly multiply into an infestation and needs to be treated right away by trained bed bug professionals. An inspection can quickly identify the presence of bed bugs and extermination can take place quickly. If you suspect you have bed bugs or any other pest control problem the trained professionals in Victoria from Orkin Canada are here to help.

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