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Home to the Sunshine Coast Trail, the city of Powell River, BC is an ideal location for many eco-tourists. The variety of flora in the area may be inviting for locals and tourists to enjoy, but these conditions can also result in pest infestations for property owners. With the help of Orkin Canada’s pest specialists you can ensure your home or business receives the industry leading service. With over 70+ years of expertise, you can rest easy knowing Orkin Canada will professionally control your pest issue.

We proudly serve the residents of Powell River, Myrtle Point, Sliammon and surrounding areas.

Pest Management Services in Powell River

Dealing with pest issues can be a daunting experience for any home or business owner. That’s why Orkin Canada offers reliable pest control services for both home and owners. For home owners who may face recurring pest issues, our Annual Pest Control program can be a convenient year-round solution.

When it comes to our commercial clients, your image and reputation are vital to growing your company and customer trust. Our team is committed to ensuring an environment where customers and employees feel welcome. Your local Orkin Canada technician is there to assist you with any pest related issues, including wildlife removal, insect control, and our Integrated Pest Control program.

Residential Pest Control Services in Powell River
Commercial Pest Control Services In Powell River

Common Pests in Powell River

Pests can be difficult to get rid of because they can thrive nearly everywhere. You may experience ongoing issues with rodents like mice and rats, whose populations can quickly become overwhelming. Wildlife, like skunks or raccoons, often seek shelter and food near homes and businesses, creating structural problems in the process. Pest birds such as pigeons can nest in eaves of roofs or in business signs, creating.

Insects can be challenging to deal with, wreaking havoc on structural elements and threatening the health of people inside. Ants and termites with large populations can remain relatively hidden until they reveal themselves and their subsequent damage. Wasps may reside in trees or underground, creating dangerous circumstances for those nearby.

Flies and cockroaches can be a serious issue for many restaurant/food service operators, as these pests commonly feed and breed in areas with decaying organic matter. Once indoors, these pests can transmit any particles to food preparation areas, resulting in food being contaminated and putting your customers at risk of potentially contracting dangerous pathogens.

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