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british columbia province image Surrey homes and workplaces are under assault from a variety of pests. Some of the pests are native to the area. These pests try to move indoors for food or shelter. Other pests are brought in accidentally. They arrive in many different ways. These pests can be imported in some unusual ways, including inside of luggage and shipping boxes. There are more than 100 species of ants in Canada and many species are found in Surrey. Most ants live outdoors in yards and gardens. They sometimes forage into homes for food. A few of the exotic ants, including the pharaoh ants and the thief ants, make nests when they arrive in homes. These ants can sometimes be difficult to eradicate. As seasons change, so do the pest threats. Warm weather can bring stinging insects, like wasps. Homes with pets may also find fleas in the yard. In the fall, some homeowners may find ladybugs or other outdoor insects trying to get inside before winter comes. Rats and mice are common invaders in the fall as well.

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