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Common pests in Saanich, BC, range from small insects like aphids and yellow jackets to larger animals such as rodents and birds. While aphids attack and damage plants, yellow jackets pose a stinging threat to humans and can be especially problematic for people who are highly allergic to their venom. Rodents like the Norway rat, which ranks as the most common species of rat found in the Saanich area, also threaten human health by carrying diseases and contaminating household items with their urine and droppings. Similarly, local bird pests such as starlings and English sparrows can facilitate the spread of diseases that affect humans, livestock, and pets.

Other common Saanich pests negatively impact local parks, gardens, and lawns rather than the health of human citizens. This includes creators of noise pollution, like the American bullfrog, as well as nuisance animals such as wild rabbits, feral cats, Canada geese, deer, grey squirrels, and raccoons. Saanich partners with other communities to combat European fire ants, which have been found in nearby areas of British Columbia. An aggressive species, European fire ants are known to swarm and inflict painful stings that sometimes demand medical attention.

In the late summer, homeowners in Saanich may find their homes covered with insects. Lady beetles, also known as ladybugs, gather on homes seeking a warm place to hide during the approaching winter.

Many of these insects find their way into the interior of the home. They enter through cracks at windows or doors. They also enter through cracks behind siding. Once inside, the ladybugs hide inside walls and in attics.

On warm sunny days, the ladybugs become active and start trying to get outdoors. Many of them emerge into the living space of the home where they converge on windows and window sills.

Saanich homeowners who experience these swarms find that a vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way to remove the insects from the walls and windows.

Preventing future ladybug invasions requires a comprehensive inspection of the exterior of the home. Cracks can be sealed with caulk to exclude the insects. Door thresholds can be inspected at night. If light shows under or around the door, weather stripping may be needed.

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