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Located approximately halfway between Prince George and Prince Rupert lies the town of Smithers, BC. Surrounded by vast amounts of forests, the town is known for being an idyllic place for tourists to enjoy the outdoors. These same conditions also provide pests with the optimal resources to thrive.

Despite your best efforts to keep pests away, they may still crop up within your home or business. Orkin Canada’s local pest control experts take the time to thoroughly inspect your property, identify effective solutions, and efficiently control the pest populations on your property.

Orkin Canada provides service throughout the Smithers area, including Lake Kathlyn, Driftwood Creek, Seymour Lake and surrounding areas.

Pest Management Services in Smithers

No pest issue is too big for your expert Orkin Canada technician. With industry leading expertise and award winning training, you can rest easy knowing that Orkin Canada will get the job done right. Our team is proud to serve residential and commercial clients’ needs through various methods and services.

Homeowners can consider all aspects of their properties covered with our Annual Pest Control Program, which offers year-round peace of mind.

Business owners/operators need to maintain their buildings’ structural integrity and reputations as it relates to their customers. Pests can threaten both. For new commercial clients, we offer free consultation services, including wildlife removal, in addition to our Integrated Pest Control Program.

Residential Pest Control Services in Smithers
Commercial Pest Control Services in Smithers

Common Pests in Smithers

Often invading without warning, pests can quickly become an issue and cause irreparable damage. For example, rodents like mice and rats can be concealed in walls, emerging as their populations rapidly increases. Wildlife like raccoons and squirrels can make quick work of structural features when scavenging for food. Pigeons and other pest birds can be common in similar environments and can carry diseases that humans and animals may catch.

Pests such as cockroaches and flies can also contaminate food and pantry products, leaving behind potentially harmful bacteria such as salmonella and staphylococcus. Infestations of ants and termites may cause considerable damage and might require the assistance of a pest control professional. Wasps can be very aggressive and territorial, creating a potentially dangerous situation on your loved ones and guests.

Bedbugs are capable of hitchhiking on personal belongings and reproducing quickly. These pests thrive in almost every residential or commercial environment and are extremely difficult to control on your own due to their ability to hide in small cracks and crevices.

Your Orkin Canada technician can make removing these pest problems a straightforward and streamlined process through targeted applications and various treatment methods. For expert pest control services within Smithers, BC and surrounding areas, contact Orkin Canada today!

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Orkin Canada has technicians in every province, in cities large and small. There’s no pest problem we can’t travel to. If you don’t see a location listed near you give us a call at 1-800-800-6754 to reach your local branch.

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