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The city of Prince George in British Columbia deals with a variety of pests, ranging from mosquitoes brought about by the hot, humid summers to arboreal insects such as the mountain pine beetle. The beetle feeds on various pine species in the city’s parks and nearby forested areas. Trees affected by the insect species are regularly isolated and removed by city workers in order to curb the spread of the pest throughout British Columbia. Prince George residents also rely on the Nuisance Mosquito Abatement program to reduce breeding sites and potential swarms of the blood-sucking insect, which can pass along dangerous diseases to citizens.

Other pests that can cause issues throughout Prince George include various species of ants like carpenter ants and the invasive European fire ant. Carpenter ants cause problems by nesting in wood and can bring about structural damage to homes and businesses. European fire ants have a venomous sting which can cause painful allergic reactions. Depending on the weather, residents may also notice large populations of tent caterpillars in mid-summer, along with the resulting defoliation of trees the caterpillar nests in. Affected trees typically grow new leaves once the caterpillars morph into adult moths later in the season.