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A temperate coastal climate, plentiful forests, and mild winters make the city of Nanaimo a perfect home for both people and invasive pests. Nanaimo’s dense forests are filled with broadleaf trees such as pacific dogwoods, maples, paper birches, black hawthorns, and Garry oaks. These natural resources stimulate the pulp mill and forestry industries and provide ideal habitats for pests such as western tent caterpillars, which spin conspicuous silk mats among tree branches and devour foliage. The mild, rainy winters rarely see heavy snowfall and allow western tent caterpillars and other damaging pests, such as cutworms, which typically attack garden plants in the spring and summer months, to thrive all year long.

The cool, dry summers common to Nanaimo encourage lady beetle populations to thrive. Though sometimes considered a beneficial insect for their consumption of aphids and other harmful pests, lady beetles can become pests when they seek the warmth and shelter of human houses during fall and winter months. The vibrant tourism industry of Nanaimo also encourages the presence of other common pests like cockroaches, lice, and fleas, which can enter the city on luggage or human hosts coming through one of the town’s major airports, ferry stations, or the commercial shipping port. /Nanaimo map