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british columbia province image Homeowners in Coquitlam must contend with many of the common pests. Occasionally they have to contend with some uncommon pests as well. In the summer, Coquitlam homeowners find many pests in the yard or garden. Ants are numerous and some of them try to move into the home for food or water. Fleas may come into the home on the family pet. Stinging insects, like wasps and hornets are common in shrubs and trees. Homeowners also find spiders in sheds, garages, and store rooms. In wet weather, millipedes and sowbugs may try to move indoors for a dry environment. Homeowners also may find earwigs and silverfish have moved into boxes of stored items. Homeowners also may uncover animals becoming pests.In the fall, many homeowners discover rats or mice invading their homes. The rodents try to get indoors for shelter and food. Throughout the year, squirrels may try to make nesting places in the attic. Larger animals, like skunks and raccoons may forage around the house in search of food. They can be very disruptive if they get into the home’s crawlspace or garage.

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