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The seaside setting and relatively mild climate of Campbell River, BC, contribute to the sustained presence of various pests in the local area. With ample sources of water found throughout the coastal city, mosquitoes can easily breed and grow in population during the warm weather of spring and summer. Common pests in Campbell River also include ants, nuisance birds, mice, rats, and wasps. These pests create problems for humans by nesting in or near homes, in some cases spreading diseases, and, in the case of wasps, stinging when threatened or alarmed.

Other types of pests commonly found in Campbell River mainly impact plants rather than people. The western spruce budworm, for instance, feeds on coniferous trees and primarily attacks Douglas firs. Larches, spruces, and true fir trees are also susceptible to the destructive feeding habits of western spruce budworms. The pests cause the shoots of the host tree to become deformed and discoloured, while leaving the top of the tree completely stripped of needles in some cases. In addition to the western spruce budworm, common agricultural pests in Campbell River include beetles, caterpillars, moths, and weevils. Campbell River map