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From Deer Lake to Burnaby Mountain, our local technicians know Burnaby better than anyone. As a result they understand the unique issues that both homeowners and businesses can face from pests in the following areas: Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond and surrounding areas.

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Orkin Canada’s pest control technicians can give you peace of mind by expertly helping you remove unwanted pests from your home or business – and making sure they don’t come back.

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Pests in Burnaby

The mild climate and nearby forests are an ideal breeding ground for insects, and residents of Burnaby will be no stranger to living with these kind of pests whether they’re at home or at work. Ants are common and many species live in the city’s gardens and yards. Some ant species, such as carpenter ants and moisture ants, can even move into structures causing serious damage before the homeowners discover them.

Other ants, like the tiny pharaoh ants and thief ants, can invade homes and commercial buildings. Once inside, these pests make nests in wall voids and under baseboards and once these pests become established in a kitchen or break room, they can be very difficult to eliminate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes carpenter ants in the house?

Carpenter ants can get inside your home through a number of different entry and access points. Tree branches that make contact with your roof can act as a bridge for carpenter ants to get inside your home. Additionally, if you have cracks or other openings that serve as entry points, carpenter ants can use these openings to get inside your house.

Moisture caused by flooding or leaks can also compromise and damage wood/wood structures on your property, attracting these pests in the process. Once these pests have established the colony, they may then burrow into wood that isn’t compromised. This will enable them to construct nests in other areas, including wall voids or insulation.

When should I worry about moisture ants?

Moisture ants are a tell-tale sign of decaying wood as a result of moisture damage on your property. It is important to note that moisture ants are known as ‘nuisance’ pests; meaning they don’t cause damage, but merely nest in wood that has already been damaged.

Does pest management help with ants?

Pest management services can help get rid of ants on your property. Our ant control services help you find the location of the ant colony on your property. Your Orkin Canada technician will then treat the area with care and precision, ensuring that the ant population is effectively controlled.

How does an Orkin Canada Technician get rid of ants?

When dealing with ants on a residential or commercial property, your Orkin Canada technician will first need to identify the species of ant present. Next, your Orkin Canada technician will implement targeted ant control treatment solutions based on the ant. Once treatments have been implemented, they will then monitor the pest activity to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment used.

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Orkin Canada has technicians in every province, in cities large and small. There’s no pest problem we can’t travel to. If you don’t see a location listed near you give us a call at 1-800-800-6754 to reach your local branch.

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