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Part of the larger Edmonton metropolitan area, St. Albert is home to various pest species that affect area farms, parklands, homes, and businesses. Insect pests such as wasps and yellow-headed spruce sawflies have direct and indirect impacts on residents. The bald-faced hornet is a stinging insect that can distress St. Albert residents during the summer months and, in extreme cases, cause people with allergies to experience dangerous reactions to their venom. Yellow headed spruce sawflies attack local spruce trees and can increase defoliation with each passing generation. Certain species of weevils and bores also attack trees throughout the area.

Aphids are a known problem in the St. Albert area, and city officials released lady beetles in 2011 to help combat the issue. By sucking sap from plants and secreting sugary honeydew, aphids attract ants. The insects reproduce quickly and typically occur in areas with wet weather conditions. Additionally, many vertebrate pests become an issue for St. Albert residents. Most notably, the pocket gopher digs and burrows in gardens and crop fields. Their tunnels can divert and carry off irrigation water, which leads to soil erosion. Other large pest species, such as skunks, Canada geese, and squirrels, defecate in public places, generate structural damage with their teeth or claws, and nest in attics.