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Common pests in Medicine Hat, AB, range from nuisance insects, like box elder bugs and various caterpillar species, to much larger animals, such as coyotes. Box elder bugs are essentially harmless, as the insects do not bite or damage homes or property, but become a bother at the end of summer and early fall when they congregate in homes and along the foundation. Common caterpillar species in Medicine Hat, like ugly nest caterpillars and forest tent caterpillars, attack various trees. Recognizable for their dense web-like nests, larvae grow by feeding off the vegetation, which leaves trees looking defoliated and sparse.

The city of Medicine Hat performs regular maintenance to area elm trees in order to reduce populations of the banded elm bark beetle, which spreads the deadly Dutch elm disease. Residents also encounter the Norway rat, which is attracted to areas of warmth, new food sources, and places to nest. The rodent carries various diseases harmful to humans that can spread via their urine and feces. As urban areas continue to encroach upon forested regions, coyote sightings become more and more frequent. The animal can establish home ranges in urban parks and attack unsupervised pets.