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Divided right down the middle by the Oldman River and bordered by the Rocky Mountains, Lethbridge, AB, experiences cool summers and mild winters that welcome a variety of pest species. The province maintains the largest disease-free population of Dutch elm trees in the world by vigilantly curbing the spread of the banded elm bark beetle, a native insect responsible for spreading the fungus which causes Dutch elm disease. Additionally, grasshoppers pose a threat to the area’s agricultural interests. Species of the insect, most notably the two-striped grasshopper, feed on a variety of cereal grains, lentils, and developing plants throughout early- to mid-summer.

Farmers and urbanites alike come into contact with Richardson’s ground squirrels, commonly referred to as flickertails or gophers. Known for foraging and tunnelling, the ground squirrel burrows in prairie areas, under city sidewalks, and even around concrete patios. Lethbridge is not immune to mosquito problems either. Mosquitoes can carry many different diseases, including encephalitis and West Nile virus, and pester Lethbridge citizens during humid months. Though not frequent, the northern scorpion has been known to invade homes and businesses during especially humid seasons, as well.