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The agricultural farmland, vast boreal forests, and mild summer climate of Grande Prairie, Alberta, provide food sources and ideal environments for destructive agricultural and arboreal pests. Farmers and ranchers operate in one of the northernmost agricultural areas in the world, growing crops such as barley, wheat, and oats, which attract grasshoppers. Common grasshopper species in the area include migratory and two-striped grasshoppers, which gather in swarms during warm, dry periods and can wreak havoc by consuming crops and pastures meant for humans and livestock.

The forests to the south of Grande Prairie are made up of aspens, pines, and spruce trees, which provide shelter, food, and breeding grounds for pests such as yellow-headed spruce sawflies, mountain pine beetles, and forest tent caterpillars. Pine beetles can negatively impact forestry industry operations by causing widespread damage to pine trees and coniferous forest ecosystems. Sawflies and tent caterpillars are also nuisances that devour the leaves and pine needles of trees. Animal pests such as beavers and coyotes are also common throughout the area and pose additional problems for Grande Prairie’s forestry and livestock industries.