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alberta province image Homeowners in Edmonton see pests of every description. Some come in by crawling and some come in by flying. Some come for food but some just come to get out of the weather. During the summer, ants are common in Edmonton yards and gardens. Some of them wander inside as they search for food and some can be brought in with potted plants. Some ants, like pharaoh ants and thief ants, can be very difficult to eliminate. Homeowners may discover tiny beetles or moths in the kitchen. Scientists sometimes refer to them as “Pantry Pests”. These insects can fly in through open doors and infest packaged food on the pantry shelves. In the fall, Edmonton homeowners face a different type of pest. Root Weevils, ground beetles, and even ladybugs come from the gardens and flower beds. Hundreds of these insects can gather on the exterior of homes. The insects come to find a warm winter hiding place and they can be very annoying when they get into the interior of the house.
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