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While most of the local pest control efforts in Airdrie, AB, involve the elimination of weeds and invasive plant species, the city also manages the nuisance animals and insects that populate the area. This includes mosquitoes, which breed in stagnant water and thrive during the warmth and humidity of summertime, particularly after periods of heavy rain. The Airdrie Parks Department monitors and sprays for mosquito larvae between May and September, when the pests are most likely to reproduce. By controlling the local mosquito population, the city helps reduce the risk of contracting diseases like West Nile virus.

Other pests with a large enough presence to warrant control in the Airdrie area range from the Richardson ground squirrel to the elm bark beetle. Commonly referred to as gophers, Richardson ground squirrels become problematic when they dig their burrows in the city’s sports fields and parks, while elm bark beetles are native to the local region and spread the fungus that produces Dutch Elm Disease in trees. Airdrie also encourages residents to remain on the lookout for common pests like skunks, as well as rodents such as voles or field mice. These animals often invade and damage residential yards. Local pest control officials are always alert for sightings of Norway rats, as well.