Spring has arrived, and the parasites are already starting their usual tour. As they are looking for sources of food, water and shelter, your home is like an oasis for insects and rodents just waiting to be invaded. No one likes to be surprised by intruders in their living environment, which is why it is essential to recognize the most common threats and take measures to prevent them.

Here are three pests that you are almost certain to see this season:

  • Spiders : When entering through small cracks and crevices, spiders usually settle in basements, crawl spaces or dry, hot places near ventilation vents and attics.
  • Cockroaches : Cockroaches can sneak through small openings, and they can carry many diseases. These insects can usually be found near water and food sources all over the house.
  • Carpenter bees: These insects nest in dry and exposed wood. To identify their hiding places, look for holes in wooden structures or piles of sawdust around your house.

Fortunately, you can prevent all of these parasites from entering your home. Take the following steps to reduce the chances of a parasite infestation:

  • Ramassez les aliments à découvert. Vérifiez la cuisine, ainsi que les poubelles et les autres récipients pour l’élimination des ordures autour de votre maison pour tout aliment à découvert, et veuillez-vous en débarrasser.
  • Éliminez les sources d’humidité. Cela signifie les robinets qui fuient, les tuyaux et toute autre source d’humidité accidentelle. Les parasites ont besoin d’eau pour prospérer.
  • Réduisez le fouillis. Les biens inutilisés qui traînent autour de votre maison peuvent offrir un abri pour les parasites. Nettoyez autour de votre maison pour assurer qu’ils n’ont pas de places à se cacher.

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un guide pratiques pour prévenir les parasites des temps chauds