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The Biggest Pest Problem in Canada

Flies may be small, but they can cause big problems. That’s because when flies enter your home, they can contaminate food and even transmit diseases to you or your loved ones.

Most do-it-yourself pest treatments only deal with flies you can see. You need a pest control treatment that gets to the source and prevents flies from returning to your home.

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Did you know?

Due to their feeding and breeding habits, house flies come into contact with a range of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli. Because of this, house flies will often aid the transmission of these bacteria passing them onto humans by contaminating things, such as food and cooking utensils.

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The Orkin Canada Process

Orkin Canada will provide you with the industry’s best fly control service, to ensure all your fly problems are identified, treated, and eradicated.


Your Orkin Canada technician will inspect every inch of your entire home, inside and out, looking for any tiny entry points flies could use to infiltrate your home.


After a detailed home inspection, your Orkin Canada technician will expertly treat the infested areas to eradicate your fly problem. They will also offer advice on how to stop flies from returning to your home in the future.


For peace of mind, your Orkin Canada technician will monitor your home for any signs of flies with inspections throughout the year.

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