Orkin Insite™ For Commercial Businesses

In-Depth Visibility & Transparency At The Palm Of Your Hands

Orkin InSite™ provides in-depth visibility and transparency on all active pest programs conveniently available on our online dashboard. Whether you need to manage multiple locations, assess and plan for seasonal pest trends or get your hands on the necessary documentation for third-party audits, Orkin InSite™ can do it all and more. 

Comprehensive Documentation & Reporting

In highly regulated industries, you need detailed records of everything that happens at your facility. From inspections, service reports, pest sightings and corrective actions. With Orkin InSite™, you simply set up the areas where you would need these records for and are ready to go. 

Customized Notifications

Receiving real time alerts for pest activity and program improvements has never been more convenient. As there are a number of different device options for those notifications such as via email, text or phone calls. Pest alerts can also be set to specific threshold levels, so you receive information, when you want it.


Orkin InSite provides seamless connectivity to your many business locations. Whether you need to address account issues or have questions about features, Orkin InSite™ keeps you linked with both your local team, as well as, your Orkin Canada team.

Trend Insights

As visibility is at the heart of the Orkin InSite™ dashboard, you will be able to view all pest related matters. From seeing current pest levels at your facilities to getting historical data on pest trends, Orkin InSite™ gives you all the necessary information your organization would need to make data-driven decisions on how to approach program changes for optimal results.