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Pest Control For Non-Food Manufacturing And Processing Facilities

The commercial manufacturing and processing industry can be vulnerable to a variety of different pests. From lunch areas creating viable food sources to scents bringing pests into the building, no manufacturing facility is immune to a potential infestation.

The worst part is once these pests establish themselves inside your facility, they can have an immediate impact on your operations. Damaging equipment, contaminating products and creating health risks by transmitting pathogens in your facility are just some of the ways that pests could hinder your operations.

Areas of Non-Food Manufacturing And Processing That Are Prone To Pest Infestations

Not all product manufacturing and processing facilities are equal when it comes to pests. Here are the types of commercial manufacturing facilities that are more prone to a potential pest infestation:

  • Fabric Manufacturing
  • Hide or Leather Processing and Manufacturing
  • Paper Manufacturing

Common Pests To Watch Out For

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are pests associated with fabrics hence they are common in leather or fabric manufacturing facilities. These pests like to lay their eggs in carpets, furs, wool, leather, and animal carcasses, all of which may be brought into your facility to be processed. This may make it more difficult for operations and facilities managers to recognize a potential infestation in the making.


Though silverfish may not pose a threat to your visitors or employees, these pests can damage finished products and packaging at your commercial manufacturing facility. This is because they feed on sugars and carbohydrates, so they will eat a variety of different sources from cereals or other food products in lunch areas to books, wallpaper, insulation, clothing, tissue, newspaper and even cardboard.

This varied diet can make it difficult to truly contain the issue within your manufacturing facility, and may require the assistance of a professional pest control company. Your local Orkin Canada branch would be happy to assist you with any pest related matters including silverfish, contact us today to learn more!

Cloth Moths

Cloth moths can be common in fabric manufacturing facilities that handles natural animal fiber or interwoven with plant fiber. This is because these pests derive nourishment from keratin protein found in animal fiber, especially in clothing made from, silk and wool fabrics as well as furs.

This diet can create serious implications for operations and facilities managers. Having your fabric manufacturing or hide processing facility invaded by these pests, may result in damage to both finished products and raw fabrics.


Mice and rats can be a threat year-round for any manufacturing facility, but activity indoors often increases when fall and winter weather start rolling in. Once inside, rodent populations can grow rapidly, contaminate raw materials and transmit potentially harmful diseases throughout your commercial manufacturing facility.

Rats and Mice can also damage walls and gnaw on wiring for equipment, creating a potentially safety risk for your employees in the process. This in turn can also create operational disruptions and delays that could result in lost revenue.


Some species of psocids are wingless and can be quite common inside paper and fabric manufacturing facilities. Though psocids rarely damage manufacturing facility property or harm employees, they can contaminate and consume raw materials and finished products.

Psocids usually feed on molds, fungi and other starchy material, including glue from bookbindings. Their diet could have an immediate impact on paper or fabric manufacturing facilities if an infestation is not caught early, as these pests can cost facility operators revenue when trying to replace contaminated materials.

With over 65 years of pest control experience, operations managers can rest easy knowing that their commercial manufacturing facility is professionally protected by Orkin Canada. If you would like to inquire further, don’t hesitate to contact Orkin Canada today!  


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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Orkin Canada will provide you with the industry's best integrated commercial pest management service, combining all available methods of preventing pests.

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Orkin Canada technicians will carry out a comprehensive check of all your commercial facilities, to identify pest-activity zones.

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You, your employees, and your customers should submit pest reports to Orkin Canada, giving the location and time of any sighting.

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Your Orkin Canada technicians will create an integrated pest management program tailored specifically to your facilities.

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Your integrated pest management program will be centred around a daily sanitation schedule, focused on reducing specific risk factors.

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Your Orkin Canada technicians will expertly, safely, and humanely treat any pest infestations, using eco-friendly products wherever possible.

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Orkin Canada will provide your business with ongoing pest control monitoring and maintenance, to make sure your pest problem has been eliminated.

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Our technician is awesome. Thanks for making the transition easy. Love the metrics and transparency of the program.

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Our technician was very informative and took the time to explain the problem I was having with rodents and how they react to Orkin's product. His personal care made my situation so much easier.

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Our representative is very informative and quickly goes about his work. I am very pleased with his explanation for placing bait stations where he did and so on. Sometimes it is hot and he carries right on with what he has to do. It is a nasty job.

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I've been a customer for almost 7 years and Orkin have never been disappointed.

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The service manager is great as he has pointed out lots of things I need to do to prevent mice from coming into the building. He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about.

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I'm glad to see that you acquired dogs for bed bug solutions. Works very well!!!!!!

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Our business requested additional services and the management visited our site to ensure the proper help was given, and was very helpful.

Remove pests from your business, and stop them from coming back

We work hard to listen, understand and assess your unique situation. Request a free, no-obligation consultation today for a customized pest program that fits your needs.

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