Opossum Habitats in Canada

Opossums, the only marsupials found in North America, are slowly expanding their territory into some Canadian provinces. Now a more common sight in Eastern & Southern Ontario and British Columbia, opossums like to live in wooded areas near a source of water. They are grey in colour and have thick bodies that are low to the ground and hairless tails that help them climb trees. The pests don’t do well in extreme cold, which has helped limit their populations in the northern regions of the country.

Problems with Opossums & Where They Live

For the most part, opossums are more afraid of humans than the other way around. Nevertheless, their appearance can be unsettling. Additionally, these pests will knock over garbage bins to score an easy meal and have been known to take chickens from time to time. Like most mammals, opossums carry a variety of parasites and diseases harmful to both people and their pets.

Control and Removal

These pests are mostly transient, but opossums can live under porches, decks, and sheds, startling unsuspecting homeowners. Mother opossums are territorial when nursing young and will attack if frightened. Their sharp teeth and claws can break the skin and result in the transmission of certain diseases. Contact a trained pest professional in order to safely and humanely get rid of problem opossums.