Types of Venomous Snakes in Canada

Of the 26 native species of snakes in the country, only four are venomous. These snakes are not poisonous, as they inject venom into their prey and don’t “poison” them.

Most types of venomous snakes prefer warmer climates, making Canada unfriendly to all but the hardiest species. These varieties include:

  • The northern pacific rattlesnake – also known as the western rattlesnake, in British Columbia.
  • The massasauga in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario.
  • The prairie rattlesnake in southern Saskatchewan and Alberta
  • The desert nightsnake, a rare species found only in the southern Okanagan valley of British Columbia. Though considered venomous, it is only potent enough to kill small prey.

The threat they pose to humans varies by species. One of Canada’s most venomous snakes, the massasauga, can deliver fatal bites.

Safe or Dangerous?

There are several harmless types of snakes in Canada that mimic dangerous ones. For example, the gopher snake will vibrate its tail in dried leaves and grasses to disguise itself as a rattlesnake.

Venomous snake bites can be fatal. Homeowners concerned about any type of venomous snake on their property should contact the experts at Orkin Canada for safe removal.

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