Are Squirrel Bites Harmful To Humans?

Last Updated: October 12, 2018

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Are Squirrel Bites Harmful to Humans?

The teeth of squirrels are constantly growing, so they need to be worn down daily with plenty of gnawing. Able to chew through wood, plastic, rubber, and even metal with their strong teeth, these pests can deliver painful bites that draw blood. While healthy squirrels will not bite unless provoked, the chances of getting rabies from a squirrel bite is unlikely, as they very rarely become infected with rabies and have not been known to cause rabies among humans. Squirrels may suffer from the fatal roundworm brain parasite, which causes signs that look very similar to rabies. Still, if these pests charge or attack without reason and bite, it is important that the bite area is examined by a medical doctor.

Issues that Arise from Squirrel Bites

After being bitten by a squirrel, seek medical attention immediately. Individuals will need to rely on their observations of the encounter to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Animals that are foaming at the mouth or appear weak may have rabies. Since the virus doesn’t show any symptoms in some victims until its later stages, those that are bitten will want to provide as much information about the attack as possible. It is especially important that people with head and muscle aches, fevers, and nausea after being bitten see a physician immediately.


To keep squirrels out of attics, sheds, and garages, seal potential entryways with steel wool, sheet metal, or hardware cloth. Avoid physical contact with squirrels at all costs and remember that squirrels can bite through even the toughest of materials. Baby squirrels have no fear of humans and are known to brazenly approach people to run up their legs. Don’t let this happen, as mothers will attack if there’s a perceived threat to their young. To get rid of squirrel infestations and reduce the risk of squirrel bite, the wildlife professionals at Orkin Canada are the safest choice.

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