Skunk Spray Smell

Though skunks are extremely timid, they’re among the most feared yard pests because of their ability to spray a deep, long-lasting odour from far away. They deploy their infamous skunk spray in times of stress, using it as a defense mechanism. The foul, musky stench lingers in the air for hours, and a direct hit to clothes, hair or skin can last for days.

Skunks’ scent glands are highly developed, with the capacity to discharge a yellowish, oily sulphur compound up to six times in succession. Each spray can travel four to six metres, so a person or pet doesn’t need to be very close to be sprayed.

How to Avoid Skunk Sprays

In addition to using this special skill when they feel threatened, skunks spray to protect their young. Signs a skunk is about to spray include stamping their front feet, raising their tails, hissing, and making short, forward charges. Potential victims should move away slowly and quietly if they see any of these signs. To eliminate the risk of an up-close encounter on your property, contact the wildlife removal specialists at Orkin Canada.