Do Skunks Make Sounds?

While homeowners are often alerted to a skunk’s presence by the smell, these pests do make noticeable sounds. Since the pests burrow under homes and sheds and scavenge for food in garages, residents can hear a variety of skunk sounds that can indicate an infestation. These range from vocalizations to scratching and stomping.

Types of Skunk Noises

Though they’re typically quiet animals, skunks use sounds to communicate. If angry, they may squeal, growl, coo, or hiss. Pregnant or lactating females are known to be aggressive toward males, vocalizing and stamping their front feet. Homeowners that hear loud pouncing or hissing may have a pregnant skunk living under their porch. Skunk sounds also include tapping, tearing, and scratching that are created by their long, straight and strong claws. As these pests are most active at night, residents will mostly hear these noises after dark.

Problems and Removal

Since they are nocturnal and their burrows are sometimes located so close to homes, skunk sounds can disturb homeowners in the middle of the night. Due to the health risks and damages associated with skunk infestations, it’s best to contact the wildlife experts at Orkin Canada for the safe and humane removal as soon as homeowners hear skunk noises.