While spiders and spider webs make the perfect Halloween accessories, you probably want to stick with store-bought decorations rather than allowing spiders to spin their webs around your property. These eight-legged pests can not only reduce your property’s curb appeal but can also scare off any guests or trick-or-treaters stopping by this fall.

Spinning a Web

As you get ready to decorate for the spookiest season of the year, be sure to eliminate any existing spider webs around your property. Spiders can either hitchhike their way inside on pets or belongings or sneak in through cracks and gaps around windows and doors. Spiders prey on other insects, so a spider problem is a red flag that you have more pests hiding out. To keep an eye on spider infestations, look for webs in these hot spots:

  • Ceilings. Ceilings and roof eaves are rarely disturbed, making them the perfect spot for spiders to spin their webs.
  • Darker, sheltered areas. Cabinets, closets and basement corners are ideal destinations for spider webs. These dark, less-trafficked areas provide the shelter spiders need to remain undisturbed – not to mention flies and other pests in these areas can easily become their next meal.
  • Vegetation. Logs and flower beds are just a few places where spiders can be found outside. Rock piles, trees and other sheltered sites can also provide arachnids with the coverage they need to survive.

Cleaning Up Spider Webs

Immediate spider web removal is essential to controlling spiders in and around your property. In addition to removing webs, reducing these pests’ temptation to make your property their home is important to keep them out. Try these tricks to limit spider populations:

  • Routinely inspect your property to identify common web locations.
  • Use a broom or vacuum to remove existing webs.
  • Reduce spiders’ food sources by eliminating other pests, like flies.
  • Seal any structural deficiencies that act as pest entryways.

If spiders spinning a web around your building, call your Orkin Canada branch to learn how to spot spider webs around your property and remove any pest populations this fall.