When it comes to pest management for your business, you need a plan you can trust. Pests will do anything to find food, water and shelter. And they’re relentless about it. That means your business is always a prime target.

With the constant threats of bugs, birds and rodents always looming, is there a reliable way to stay protected? Fortunately, there is. Orkin Canada uses a time-tested approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This comprehensive method focuses on proactive prevention while minimizing the use of chemical treatments. It’s a smart way to protect your business for the long-term while reducing environmental impacts.

An IPM program created with the help of a trusted provider will ensure your business sees the lowest possible impact from pests. So, what does a great program include? At Orkin Canada, we focus on three key factors


During a service visit, your technician will perform a comprehensive inspection. They will examine the potential vulnerabilities of your business, pointing out any sanitation or structural issues that could be conducive to pest activity. They’ll also consider any additional considerations like building type, geography, climate and soil properties. You can rest assured every corner of your property will be accounted for. 


Your business isn’t like any other business, so why would your pest management strategies be the same? Cookie cutter plans don’t work for keeping pests at bay. Your Orkin Canada technician will make recommendations and give you personalized advice tailored specifically to your business. You’ll also get pro guidance on how to conduct cleaning and maintenance for long-term prevention.


Speaking of long-term prevention, the third key to a successful IPM program is careful monitoring. Orkin Canada technicians conduct follow-ups on a regular basis to check for signs of pest activity and evaluate the effectiveness of current treatments. If something has changed, they’ll make you aware and recommend corrective actions. Plus, your technician will document everything, which will come in handy when your next audit rolls around.

By practicing these three core pillars of our IPM program, Orkin Canada helps businesses like yours avoid the pitfalls of pest infestation. We believe you shouldn’t have to look over your shoulder at every moment in fear of a pest issue. Using the IPM approach, you can rest easier knowing that you’re covered against threats now and in the future.