25,000. That’s how many species of beetles entomologists have identified in North America. Needless to say, these insects can be found almost anywhere — some of their habitats more intrusive than others. And while you may never see most of them, here are a few species that call Canada home:

Carpet Beetle

These speckled pests love to hang out in gardens and other vegetation-heavy locations where they can snack on dried animal carcasses and plant matter. That means, for the most part, they’ll leave you alone. But if they turn their attention to your indoor plants, watch out. Larval casings and unexplained holes in the carpet might be signs of an infestation.

Sawtoothed Grain Beetle

Unlike most insects, these beetles don’t mind the cold. They’re also big fans of sugar, spice and every other nice processed food you’re hiding in your cupboard. Look for them crawling in and around the places you store your food.

Spider Beetle

The third and final member of this trio is commonly mistaken for its eight-legged namesake. And while they may not spin webs, these beetles frequent the same places. You’ll find spider beetles in attics and crawlspaces where they can chow down on those long-forgotten boxes of baby clothes.

Knowing what to look for is half the battle. But if you’re really going stop these six-legged pests, you need to start thinking proactively. Download “Beetle ID” where our entomologists share their tips for controlling Canada’s most popular beetles

A guide to identifying beetles