Do mosquitoes get under your skin? Not only are these bloodsuckers a nuisance to your home, but they have painful bites that can leave you and your guests itching for hours – or sometimes days – at a time. Eliminate the itch by knowing how to identify mosquito bites and get rid of mosquitoes from the source.

All About Bites

When mosquitoes bite an unsuspecting victim, our immune system responds to mosquito saliva to cause our skin to itch and swell around the bite. Symptoms may not appear right away, and it may take a few hours for you to notice you’ve been bitten. In some instances, mosquitoes can spread diseases like Zika virus, malaria, encephalitis and dengue fever, among other diseases.

Managing Mosquitoes

Once mosquitoes have turned your home into their breeding grounds, they can be hard to get rid of. Protect your home – and your skin – from these tiny vampires with these preventive methods:

  • Wear loose, layered clothing
  • Use approved mosquito repellants
  • Install window and door screens
  • Eliminate any pools of stagnant water
  • Keep exterior doors closed

Mosquito 101

Don’t let mosquitoes suck up the fun in your home. Download this guide or talk to your pest control specialist to learn how you can shield your space from becoming a mosquito playground.