When it comes to staying on top of your responsibilities, there is one thing you never want to worry about – a failed pest control audit. But don’t bug out: with help from your Orkin Canada pest specialist, you are sure to pass your next audit with flying colors – and fewer flying critters.

A low score on your pest control audit can have a significant impact on your performance. Between losing customers’ trust and the potential for a pest infestation, it is imperative that companies consistently take the necessary steps to achieve a high score on each and every audit. Achieving a high pest control score doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little consistency and dedication, your facility will be well on its way to pest control excellence.

Before your next audit, be sure to review your auditor’s requirements. These requirements can vary from one auditor to the next, and it is easy to overlook additions or changes from year to year. Be prepared for any changes in your own program that may have been implemented between inspections, as your integrated pest management program evolves over time.

One week before your scheduled audit, review all on-site documentation, including pesticide usage logs and service reports. Along with your pest specialist, walk around the interior and exterior of the facility to ensure all pest control devices are properly in place and functioning correctly. Having these documents up-to-date and surveying the property in advance of the inspection allows for a smoother, more seamless experience on the day of the audit.

If you’re getting ready for your next audit, don’t just wing it. Our checklist is here to arm you with detailed steps and information to get yourself ready for the next check-in. Download Orkin Canada’s “Pre-Audit Checklist” today.


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