How Bed Bugs Get Inside

Bed bugs are insects that are often introduced into homes via infested belongings such as luggage or second-hand furniture. Since these pests bite, homeowners with bed bugs usually want a quick and easy fix to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, these tough pests are able to breed quickly, hide well, and survive all but the most extreme conditions.

Does Freezing Kill Bed Bugs?

Putting infested objects like clothes or bedding in a freezer can help get rid of the bed bugs, but each item should be placed in a plastic bag prior to freezing.

Keep the temperature at -19 degrees Celsius for about four days in order to be effective. Even then, some bed bugs may live through the freezing process.


Keep in mind that putting some items into the cold may damage them. Freezing is also best for small items, not whole-house control. For mattresses, furniture, and other belongings, homeowners will need to explore other control methods.

Residents should not attempt to freeze bed bugs by turning off the heat or opening the windows in their homes during cool weather. This tactic does not work and can lead to burst pipes and structural damage.

Bed Bug Removal

Some pest professionals use heat or freezing treatments to control bed bugs, but these methods require special equipment, training and skills. As a result, freezing can kill bed bugs but is not the most practical approach for residents to attempt themselves.

A call to the bed bug experts at Orkin Canada is the best option to remove bed bug infestations.