Spring has sprung and the arrival of warmer temperatures means an increase in pest activity across the country. Thousands of insects are emerging from dormant states and are looking for places to spend the mild spring and summer months.


Ants are willing to go the distance and enter businesses through the tiny crevices searching for food. Their colonies have huge populations that are attracted to areas with excess moisture (think bathrooms and under leaky appliances), spaces close to food sources (hello countertops and sinks), and hidden places (under appliances and floors).


Disease-carrying mosquitoes take flight in warmer weather. With over 2,000 known species in existence around the world, there’s a good chance they want to take up residence on your property. Look for them in areas that collect standing water, tall grass and wooded areas next to windows.


While spiders can stay dormant during the winter, the spring weather leaves them hungry and looking for the perfect place to lay eggs. Keep your eyes out in dark places, window screens, and indoor plants.


Colonizers like termites and ants are hungry to find prime locations to swarm and

build colonies, potentially causing foundation damage and costly repairs. You’re most likely to spot them in fallen trees, crawl spaces, wall cracks and moist soil.

Occasional Invaders

Just like many of us, occasional invaders love the springtime. Searching for food, invaders crawl through small entry points and can usually be found in damp areas or near plant debris. 

Here’s the good news, there are easy ways to keep uninvited pests away from your business:

  • Routinely clean and clear debris
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Seal off gaps under windows and doors
  • Immediately eliminate standing water
  • Dispose of loose boxes and clutter
  • Waterproof damp areas

View our Quick Reference Guide to Spring Pests to learn more, and know that your local Orkin Canada pest specialists are here to help this season.

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