Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Since bed bugs are common, it’s understandable to ask the question “Do bed bugs fly?” The surprising answer is that they do not. They also are not known to jump, but they can climb and crawl, though the speed of crawling and climbing will depend on the surface they are on. So, if bed bugs can’t fly, how do they spread so easily from place to place? The best answer is that they are opportunistic hitchhikers. The pests will crawl into luggage left on the bed or floor of an infested room or structure, or attach themselves to peoples clothing of a person. Hiding inside second-hand or rental furniture is another common way they spread.

Removing Bed Bugs

A single bed bug is small and hard to see, so it can easily be brought into homes, take up residence in mattresses, reproduce, and start new infestations. Before a minor annoyance becomes a big problem, homeowners that suspect they may have a bed bug infestation should contact the pest control professionals at Orkin Canada.