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What the Buzz is All About: A Breakdown of Common Bees

It’s easy to think of bees as aggressive or harmful, but the truth is, they’re quite beneficial. Bees are pollinators, which means they help plant populations bloom and thrive. So, while they may annoy you at a backyard cookout—or potentially cause an allergic reaction when they sting—bees are also essential stewards of the environment.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Home From Pests

With warm weather around the corner, there’s no better time to spruce up your home than the spring. From reorganizing your closet to decluttering your garage, there’s a lot to be done to make sure your home sparks joy. With a few extra steps, you can easily add “protected against pests” to your list of accomplishments.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Business From Pests

Spring cleaning may seem like a household chore, but you need to make sure things are tidied up around your workplace, too. If this crucial step is overlooked, you could end up with a pest problem when summer arrives. Just like at home, insects can overwinter in wall voids, storage areas and the nooks and crannies around the property you manage. And at the end of the winter, you’ll be left with one of two unpleasant scenarios: pests emerging en masse from hibernation or piles of dead insects that can create foul smells and attract new pests.

Dried Out: How To Prevent Pests After A Flood

The end of winter means the beginning of vivid, green summers. But it also means the arrival of something far less pleasant—severe flooding. When snow starts melting, it’s important to be prepared for the long-term consequences of floods, including increased pest activity.

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