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Where Do Opossums Live?

Opossums, the only marsupials found in North America, are slowly expanding their territory into some Canadian provinces.

Are Squirrel Bites Harmful To Humans?

If these pests charge or attack without reason and bite, it is important that the bite be checked by a medical doctor.

How To Avoid Skunk Spray

Though skunks are extremely timid, they’re among the most feared yard pests because of their ability to spray a deep, long-lasting odour from far away.

Bed Bug Mattress Encasements

Stop worrying about bed bugs today with the Orkin Canada bed bug certified mattress protectors.

Do Cockroaches Fly?

The flying capabilities of cockroaches vary according to the particular species, and sometimes sexual category, to which they belong.

How To Keep Bats Away From Your Home

Bats are beneficial to the environment and help control mosquito populations, but they sometimes get too close for comfort.

Where Do Squirrels Nest In Winter?

Squirrel hibernation varies in length depending on climate and species.

How Long Do House Flies Live For?

The reproductive cycle of a house fly depends on environmental conditions such as temperature – the warmer the temperature, the shorter the cycle.

Guide To Bed Bug Life Stages

The life span of a bedbug most commonly ranges from four to six months. Some bedbugs may live for years and can go months without feeding.

What To Do When Bitten By A Bat

Due to literary comparisons between bats and vampires, some people expect a bat bite to resemble fang marks. In truth, bat teeth are so sharp and so tiny, they might not leave any mark at all.

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