Spotting Bed Bugs

Despite adult bed bugs’ small size, at a length of 4 to 7 mm long, you can see bed bugs with the naked eye. Tan, brown, or red in colour, these pests are typically oval shaped and flat. Nymphs and eggs are a bit smaller and harder to see, since they are usually about the size of a pinhead. Expert travellers, bed bugs can hide in luggage, clothing or other personal effects. This can make it difficult to see their introduction at first, though their presence is quickly felt.

Problems Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on people’s blood during the night. These pests tend to bite skin regularly exposed while sleeping, including the face, arms, hands, feet, and neck. While they are not known to pass along any diseases or other illnesses, they can leave painful bites. The resulting welts often resemble flea or mosquito bites and can be equally irritating and itchy. In rare cases, some people may have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite.

Control and Removal

Bed bugs can be easily mistaken for similar-looking crawling insects such as larvae of carpet beetles and cockroach nymphs. Correctly identifying bed bugs can help determine what type of treatment is needed to eliminate them. Certain methods can be utilized to help remove the pests, like steam cleaning, washing, or vacuuming. Even though you can see bed bugs, getting rid of them without professional assistance can be trying. Contact the trained experts at Orkin Canada to remove bed bug infestations from your home.