Green Zone

Areas with less moisture and potential food sources fall into the green zone. These locations are often less trafficked but offer convenient hiding places for pests.

  • Pest pressure: low
  • Maintenance frequency: every six months
  • Common green zones include:
    • Raw storage areas 
    • Employee offices 

Yellow Zone

With slightly more moisture and materials that can sustain a potential pest population, yellow zones require a bit more attention. Weather-related pest pressures can increase in these areas, so be sure to attend to these areas when seasons change. 

  • Pest pressure: moderate
  • Maintenance frequency: every three months
  • Common yellow zones include:
    • Dumpsters
    • Equipment
    • Employee breakrooms
    • Washrooms

Red Zone

Many locations that fall into the red zone are on the outside of your facility – but this doesn’t mean they should be ignored. These areas are prime real estate for pests looking to make their way inside your building. 

  • Pest pressure: high
  • Maintenance frequency: once a month
  • Common red zones include:
    • Facility entrances
    • Shipping docks
    • Building exteriors

Don’t let a lapse in maintenance lead to a potential pest infestation. To help keep pests out of the supply chain, contact your Orkin Canada branch today or download this guide to facility maintenance for more information about how to block pests out of your building.


Guide for commercial employees to maintaining a prevention schedule