Time to De-clutter

Gift boxes and gift wrap are all a pest needs to make itself at home. Some pests, like cockroaches and rodents, can even eat the glue in cardboard boxes, providing pests with the food they need to thrive.

To keep pests from joining your next holiday meal, be sure to remove clutter around your building. Clutter not only makes it more difficult to notice pest problems in your home, but also provides harbourage and breeding sites for pests. It can also make acts like cleaning more difficult, exacerbating existing pest problems.

That’s a Wrap

After the excitement of family dinners and other holiday festivities, cleaning is the last thing on anyone’s mind. But before you head off for a post-meal nap, be sure to take the extra time to clean up in order to prevent pests from invading your home.

  • Put it away. Leftover food doesn’t just make a tasty meal for humans. Leftovers can also attract pests searching for their next feast. Once the holiday meals are over, place all remaining food in tightly sealed containers so pests can’t get inside.   
  • Take out the trash. Discarded clutter and food remnants in trash bins can draw pests inside. Be sure to take out the trash frequently to avoid attracting pests.
  • Wipe it down. Food can leave behind residue that attracts pests. Thoroughly wipe down all surfaces to remove any food residue that can be a pest’s next meal.

Pests shouldn’t be invited to spend the holidays in your home. To learn more about how to block out pests this season, contact your Orkin Canada branch today for more tips on how to prevent pest activity.